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Last Update

03.02.2014 • Gigs


06.09.2013 • Few gigs with Poisonblack coming up!

Grendel will be warming up the stage for Poisonblack on few gigs around Finland this fall. Check out the dates.

13.03.2013 • Gig at Studioravintola Paksu cancelled

The gig of 05.04.2013 at Studioravintola Paksu is unfortunately cancelled due to bankruptcy of the restaurant...

04.03.2013 • Virgin Oil Co. Photos

Last Friday Grendel was warming up the stage for Omnium Gatherum at Virgin Oil Co. (Helsinki, Finland). Here's two great sets of photos of that evening by Janne Pappila and Susanna Honkasalo.

Gallery 1 by Susanna Honkasalo.
Gallery 2 by Janne Pappila.

27.01.2013 • Voices of the Dawn - Limited CD edition

Very limited CD edition of 'Voices Of The Dawn' is now available on gig venues. If you wish to order it by mail, send your information to shop(at)grendelband.com and we'll get back to you.

16.12.2012 • Voices of the Dawn - Digitally released!

Voices Of The Dawn

The semi-acoustic album 'Voices of the Dawn' is now released on Spotify, Nokia Music Store and iTunes.

03.12.2012 • Voices of the Dawn - Semi-acoustic EP

The semi-acoustic mid-length album 'Voices of the Dawn' is now in the mix. It contains 5 new songs and will be released as a digital download in December 2012. Limited CD edition is planned to be available in January 2013. Stay tuned for detailed information!

21.11.2012 • Everything ready for the mix

Now we have everything on tape for the semi-acoustic EP and we can start mixing. The release takes place on December 2012.

04.11.2012 • Vocal recordings

Recording vocals

Mika and Mikko recorded vocals for semi-acoustic mid-length album.

10.10.2012 • And forward with the keys...

Recording keys

Juha got to work with keyboards.

20.09.2012 • Recording bass

Recording bass

Tommi started truly working with the bass tracks. Hopefully he gets them on tape next week...

02.08.2012 • Proceeding with keys and bass

We are now proceeding with keys and bass. Since we have not yet recruited a new bass player, we managed to hire Tommi Hartikainen (Kalmisto, Employee Of The Month) to play the bass parts for this release. Welcome aboard Tommi!

05.07.2012 • Recording guitars

Recordings: Day 02-04

We had a three-day recording session at Studio Solhem. The plan was to concentrate on the guitars and that's what we did. Most of the twelve- and six-strings are now ready.

09.06.2012 • Recording drums

Recordings: Day 01

Finally, we started to record the forthcoming atmospheric semi-acoustic mid-length album. We spent one day at Sonic Pump Studios and now we have the drum tracks for all 5 new songs.

16.05.2012 • Forthcoming EP

We are excited to inform you, that Grendel is planning to release an atmospheric semi-acoustic mid-length album (4-6 songs). Recordings of the new material start in June and the release takes place sometime in Fall 2012.

04.03.2012 • Composing new material

Composing new material...

Despite the recent setback, we are very much alive and composing new material in a creative frenzy. We're taking some time out of touring and trying to get some new stuff out during this year. Stay tuned for that!

29.11.2011 • Interview at Metal From Finland Blog

Metal From Finland Blog had a brief interview with Mikko. Read the interview here.

10.10.2011 • Nosturi Photos

Last Friday Grendel was warming up the stage for Amorphis at Nosturi (Helsinki, Finland). Here's two great sets of photos of that evening by Janne Pappila and Susanna Honkasalo.

Gallery 1 by Susanna Honkasalo.
Gallery 2 by Janne Pappila.

30.09.2011 • Apocalyptic Rain - Music Video

Director Owe Lingvall has finished Grendel's video 'Apocalyptic Rain'. Go on, check it out! But be warned - there will be blood...

27.09.2011 • Warming up the stage for Amorphis

Grendel will be performing with Amorphis at Nosturi (Helsinki, Finland) next week 07.10.2011. Doors: 20:00. Tickets: 23 eur. Showtimes: Grendel 21:00, Amorphis 22:00. Be there!

14.09.2011 • Band Focus: Grendel

Metal From Finland Blog wrote a nice entry about Grendel. Read it here.

09.09.2011 • Interview at Imperiumi.net

Imperiumi.net interviewed Kari about Grendel and Metallia Perkele! tour. Read the interview here.

08.08.2011 • Metallia Perkele! tour 2011

Metallia Perkele! tour hits the road for the third time. Starting on 12th of October 2011 at Suisto Klubi (Hämeenlinna, Finland) the tour continues throughout Finland in a form of seven shows.

Anger Cell
Bill Skins Fifth

For more info check out www.metalliaperkele.com

24.05.2011 • Music Video Contest

Win yourself and two of your friends frontrow seats in Grendel music video shoot!

Sign-up now for Grendel newsletter and win a day with Grendel on their upcoming video shoot: All subscribtions made before June 1st will take part in a competition where VIP passes are raffled between new subscribers.

Subscribe at www.grendelband.com/newsletter.

Win passes for you and two of your friends (yes, you choose who you bring with you!) to Grendel videoshoot in Helsinki on June 6th.

We will contact winners on June 2nd so you can start packing!

20.05.2011 • Grendel Newsletter

Subscribe to the Grendel Newsletter. Get into the inner circle of a fans to get special advantages and to stay up to date with the latest news.

18.05.2011 • Corrupt To The Core ratings

Here's few ratings 'Corrupt To The Core' has received in media so far (in Finland):

4/5 (Kimmo K. Koskinen, Rumba Magazine)
3,5/5 (Janne Tolonen, Inferno Magazine)
8/10 (Ville Pekkala, Sue Magazine)
4/5 (Petri Klemetti, Noise.fi)
8-/10 (Ismo Karo, Imperiumi.net)

18.04.2011 • New album on Spotify!

'Corrupt to the Core' is now available on Spotify. Don't have Spotify? Get it at Spotify.com - it's free and no invitation is needed!

30.03.2011 • New album in stores!

The long awaited third album 'Corrupt to the Core' is now in stores. Get your copy now!

Buy from Levykauppa X
Buy from CDON
Download from iTunes
Download from MTV3 Store
Download from Meteli.net
Download from Radio Rock Store

28.03.2011 • Grendel competition at sue.fi

Take part in the Grendel competition on Sue Magazine's website by answering to a one simple question. You might be the winner of all three Grendel albums and a t-shirt. The competition is in Finnish, but here's the question translated in English: What is the title of the debut album?

23.03.2011 • New Album preview online

Exactly one week to the new album release. Inferno - the biggest metal magazine in Finland - now proudly and exclusively presents a prelistening of 'Corrupt To The Core' on their website. Check it out and spread the word!

17.03.2011 • Interview in Sue 03/2011

Sue Magazine interviewed Mikko about Grendel and the new album. The magazine is available online and in Sue stands all over Finland.

11.03.2011 • Another new song for you

Kaarle ja Erno raskaana (YleX) introduced another new Grendel song on the radio last night. The (limited) archived broadcast includes a song called 'Silver Tongues' from the new album. Check the time frame 00.58.19-01.03.20 if you want to hear it... (Edit: Not available anymore!)

01.03.2011 • A treat from the New Album

Since this song has already been played on the radio and is a part of 'Dark Playground' Compilation CD - We might as well share it with you here. Right? Enjoy!

Down (from the album 'Corrupt To The Core')

22.02.2011 • Interview at Radio X3M

Metallrepubliken (Radio X3M) interviewed two hangoverish morons - Mikko & Jarkko - at the Finnish Metal Expo. The (limited) archived broadcast includes a song called 'Down' from the new album. Check the time frame 01.49.40-01.58.00 if you dare... (Edit: Not available anymore!)

15.02.2011 • New promo pictures online

There are now 2 new promo pictures in Downloads section.

05.02.2011 • New Album Sampler

Want to hear some samples from the new album? Check out the sampler video here.

05.02.2011 • New Album preorder launched!

The 3rd Grendel album 'Corrupt To The Core' will be released on 30th of March 2011. Preorder the album here!

28.01.2011 • 'Corrupt To The Core' cover

Here's a preview of the forthcoming album cover art.

21.01.2011 • 'Corrupt To The Core' tracklist

Here's the tracklist of the forthcoming album.

01. Apocalyptic Rain (03:36)
02. An Evil Eye (05:24)
03. Down (03:42)
04. Silver Tongues (05:03)
05. Five Years Without The Sun (05:59)
06. Traumatised For Life (06:17)
07. Crushed By The Pressure (05:06)
08. Through Hell (04:36)
09. Dusk Of Humankind (04:56)
10. Day Of Redemption (05:49)

16.01.2011 • New Album Teaser

The 3rd full-length Grendel album 'Corrupt To The Core' will be released in March 2011. Check out the teaser here. More info coming up within a week!

28.12.2010 • Forthcoming release

The 3rd kick-ass album is now mastered and ready to be released! Stay tuned, for we are about to reveal the title, the songlist and the release date very soon!

22.12.2010 • 'A Change Through Destruction' player

While you are impatiently waiting for the release of the 3rd Grendel album (which btw is not too far away anymore) you might want to listen and purchase the previous album 'A Change Through Destruction'. Now you are able to do both at the Firebox Netstore!

11.11.2010 • Nosturi Photos

Last Tuesday Grendel was warming up the stage for The Agonist at Nosturi (Helsinki, Finland). Here's a great set of photos of that evening by Tage Rönnqvist. Check them out!

01.11.2010 • MPT 2010 - Case closed.

Thousands of miles, 15 shows, 4 countries, 9 bands... Metallia Perkele! Tour 2010 - Completed!

The tour has been an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience and Grendel would like to raise a jug of Jaloviina and toast all of you. Horns up for Subscribe, Kiana, Anger Cell, Ghoul Patrol, Bill Skins Fifth, Hammerhed, Status Minor, the roadcrew, Scania, Tommi Eloranta and the mastermind, the devil behind all this - Jarkko "Javsko Vitusaari" Viitasaari!

02.09.2010 • Grendel in Facebook

Do you want to see the latest photos from tour, share your's and ask what's going on with the band right now? Join our fansite in Facebook!!!

24.05.2010 • Metallia Perkele! tour 2010

Metallia Perkele! tour hits the road for the second time. Grendel, Anger Cell and Ghoul Patrol have the honour to take care of the opening show on 15th of September 2010 at Semifinal (Helsinki, Finland). The rampage continues throughout Finland and this time the wild bunch kicks it up a notch and go roam around the Europe too.

More shows will be confirmed later
and the bands vary depending on venue,
but here's a list of all groups involved:

Anger Cell
Ghoul Patrol
Status Minor
Bill Skins Fifth

For more info check out www.metalliaperkele.com

17.05.2010 • Tuska Evening club show confirmed!

Tuska Open Air Metal Festival taking place in Helsinki, Finland during 2.-4.7.2010 has announced the program for the infamous evening clubs. Grendel's performance takes place on Friday 2.7. at Virgin Oil Co. which is located in the immediate vicinity of the festival site.

15.05.2010 • Metallia Perkele! T-shirts

Metallia Perkele! official tour t-shirts are now available at Helvetin16.com.

05.05.2010 • Tribute to Type O Negative

Grendel takes part in Charity tribute to Type O Negative and Carnivore - The Last Waltz of Petrus T. Ratajczyk - on Saturday 5th of June at Nosturi (Helsinki, Finland).

Other groups to honor the memory of Peter Steele are Beyond The Dream, Gotham O.D., Dark Filth Fraternity, Dead Shape Figure, Depressed Mode, Ghoul Patrol, Sinishtra, Thrashgrinder, Throes Of Dawn, Tukkanuotta and Vanguard. The ticket presale starts on 7th of May at Tiketti.

05.05.2010 • Summer Minitour

Grendel travels to perform abroad for the first time ever. The minitour consists four gigs and reaches all the way to shores of the Arctic Ocean in July 2010.

Three shows with Amoral take place at Unlucky Metal Fest (Finnsnes, Norway), Tivoli (Rovaniemi, Finland) and Nuclear Nightclub (Oulu, Finland). The tour grand finale locates in Dante's Highlight (Helsinki, Finland) with Kill the Romance.

14.02.2010 • New promo pictures online

There are now 2 new promo pictures in Downloads section.

22.12.2009 • Thank you for the past year 2009!

Grendel would like to thank all the people who have been working with us and supporting us. The past year has been great. See you in January at Dante's Higlight! Remember to stay tuned for news about the forthcoming album...

22.11.2009 • Studio Diary 2009 - Now online

Grendel is going to hit the studio on 30th of November to record their third album. You are now able to follow the progress in the Studio Diary.

09.11.2009 • Metallia Perkele! tour - Completed

All good things must come to an end. For 'Metallia Perkele!' tour 2009 the end of the line came in the form of 10th show, last Saturday at Blue Pool (Forssa, Finland).

It has been a blast and Grendel would like to raise a jug of Jaloviina and toast all of you who supported this tour in a way or another. Horns up for Kiana, Anger Cell, Ghoul Patrol, Coredust and Verso. And of course big applause to Morgan Kane, Rocktown, Pelikenttä, Hevimesta, YO-Talo, Annis, Semifinal, Rokkikellari, Rockin' Hood and Blue Pool.

Last but not the least a special tribute to the mastermind, the devil behind all this - Jarkko Viitasaari!

29.09.2009 • Recording new material

Grendel is currently recording new material at Sonic Pump Studios. More information about the forthcoming release later...

24.07.2009 • Kiana replaces Spitleak on tour

Spitleak has announced that they can not take part on the 'Metallia Perkele!' tour 2009. Most of the gigs will be replaced by Kiana. Random guest performances on tour will be served by Ghoul Patrol.

05.07.2009 • Tuska 2009 - Reports and photos

Here's few links to reports and photos from Tuska Evening Club at Virgin Oil Co.

Lady Enslain
Sabine van Gameren Photography
Stalker Magazine
Keeva's Blog
Tempelores Magazine

05.07.2009 • FME 2009 - Reports and photos

Here's few links to reports and photos from Finnish Metal Expo at Cable Factory.

Lady Enslain
Trash and Riot
Eurynome's Photo Page
Brave Words
Metal Rules

16.05.2009 • Grendel on Terrorizer's compilation CD

Grendel's 'One Desire' is one of the songs on Terrorizer Magazine's Fear Candy Vol. 67 compilation CD. The CD comes along with issue 183 and icludes artists such as Brutal Truth, Amorphis, Manufacturer's Pride, Legion of the Damned, etc.

04.04.2009 • 10 Years of Metal!

Grendel was formed in 1999, under a different name, and today we celebrate our 10th anniversary. We would like to thank everybody who we've played and worked with along the way. Also a big thanks to all our fans for supporting us all these years! Stay metal!

24.03.2009 • New live clips online

There are now 3 new live video clips online at YouTube. Click the images below to check them out.

Semifinal FME Klubi

21.01.2009 • New album available in iTunes

A Change Through Destruction is finally available in iTunes Store! You naturally need iTunes and an iTunes Store Account to purchase the album. Here is the direct link.

30.12.2008 • Thank you for the past year 2008!

We would like to thank all the the people who have been supporting us. This has been a great year, lets make the next one be even better. See you on tour!

16.12.2008 • Special CD Offer!

Get both Grendel albums on one package (separate cd's) for 20 euros from Firebox Netstore.

09.12.2008 • Interview in Keskisuomalainen

Keskisuomalainen interviewed Jarkko about Grendel and the new album. Click here to read the article.

03.12.2008 • Interview at Noise.fi

Noise.fi interviewed Jussi about Grendel and the new album. Read the interview here.

02.12.2008 • Interview in Suosikki 12/2008

Suosikki Magazine interviewed Mikko and Jarkko about Grendel and the new album. Suosikki is available in all the news-stands in Finland.

18.11.2008 • Finnish Metal Awards

On Friday FEB 13, the Finnish Metal Awards will reward the best of Finnish metal in 2008. Cast your vote at www.imperiumi.net/fma. If you're a fan of Finnish metal, make your vote count.

14.11.2008 • Interview and Review in Inferno No. 61

Inferno Magazine interviewed Mikko, Jussi and Jarkko about Grendel and the new album. Inferno is available in all news-stands in Finland.

13.11.2008 • Grendel at Finnish Metal Expo 2009

Grendel participates in the 5th annual Finnish Metal Expo in Helsinki, FEB 12-14 by performing at Cable Factory on Friday the 13th.

Other live performances will include international names such as Black Dahlia Murder, Andre Matos, Misery Index, Grand Magus and Legion Of The Damned. Finnish prowess is well represented by the likes of Ancara, Before The Dawn, Ensiferum, Medeia and Profane Omen.

More additions to the Cable Factory program will be announced later.

13.11.2008 • Interview in Soundi 11/2008

Soundi Magazine interviewed Mikko about Grendel and the new album. Soundi is available in all the news-stands in Finland.

12.11.2008 • Interview and Review in Sue 11/2008

Sue Magazine interviewed Mikko and Jussi about Grendel and the new album.

08.11.2008 • Interview and Review in Tuhma 3/2008

Tuhma Magazine interviewed Jussi about Grendel and the new album. Click here to read the magazine.

05.11.2008 • Winners of the 'ACTD' -competition

Congratulations to the winners of the 'A Change Through Destruction' -competition:

1. Scott (Oldham, England)
2. Emmy (Espoo, Finland)
3. James (New York, USA)
4. Sami (Kotka, Finland)
5. Marko (Imatra, Finland)

01.11.2008 • The band of the month at Noise.fi

Grendel has been selected to be The band of the month at Noise.fi.

29.10.2008 • Number 19 on the Finnish Album Chart!

'A Change Through Destruction' hit the 19th place on the Official Finnish Album Chart on its first sales week.

22.10.2008 • New album - Out now!

Go and get your copy of Grendel's 'A Change Through Destruction' -digipak. Availabe in every self-respecting record store in Finland. Also available directly from Firebox Netstore.

16.10.2008 • Interview at Stalker.cd

Stalker Magazine interviewed Mikko about Grendel and the new album. Read the interview here.

15.10.2008 • The new album at MySpace

Now you can listen the new album in total at MySpace. The songs are there for you until the release in Finland on 22nd of October.

14.09.2008 • Tracklist with samples

Here's the tracklist of the forthcoming album 'A Change Through Destruction'. Click titles to hear the samples.

01. One Desire
02. A Change Through Destruction
03. Dialog With Pain
04. The Deaf Cult
05. Another Link In The Chain
06. Forsaken Shell
07. Quicksand
08. Half-Life
09. Trapped Inside
10. Moment Of Silence

You can pre-order the album from:

Record Shop X
Lethal Conflict

Remember that the release takes place on 22nd of October.

25.08.2008 • Prepare for a Change...

Grendel's second album called 'A Change Through Destruction' will be released in Finland on October 22nd by Firebox Records. Prepare yourself...

22.07.2008 • Half-Life promosingle released

The first bullet from the forthcoming album has now been Fired in form of 'Half-Life' promosingle. The CD contains single and albumversions of 'Half-Life' plus albumversion and a video of 'Quicksand'. Check out a sample here.

The single is for promotion only and it's not for sale. However you might hear these songs playing on Radio Rock and YleX. Contact them and force them to play some Grendel!

19.06.2008 • Grendel signs a deal with Firebox

Grendel has signed a deal with Firebox Records. The second album is called 'A Change Through Destruction' and it will be released in fall 2008. First bullet will be served late this summer in form of single called 'Half-Life'.


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